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iBRIDGE Berkeley has made possible with a multi-faceted support from many members and organizations around the world, from thousands of hours of volunteer work, to donation of their capabilities and cash. These individuals, organizations, and corporations all support iBRIDGES cause. Here are iBRIDGE Berkeley donation categories:
  • Charter Members: Individuals to become a charter member with their $5,000 or more donation. Two complimentary event tickets are provided to the Bridge Charter Members. Join 

  • Organizing Committee and Volunteers generously provide their time and effort to increase iBRIDGE Berkeley positive impact. Join.

  • Our Host is the Berkeley Program on Entrepreneurship and Development in the Middle East.
  • Gold Sponsors are the organizations or companies with generous donation of $10,000 or more. Gold sponsors logo is presented in website and they get a link from their logo to their website. Additionally, the organization/company representative can join the Charter Members. Four complimentary event tickets are provided to the iBRIDGE Berkeley Gold Sponsors. Join.

  • Sponsors are the organizations or companies providing generous and significant operational support in addition to its active promotion of the event through their many channels to reaching the community. Sponsor's logo is presented in as a Sponsor and it will be linked to their website. Join.

  • Supporters are the organizations that are actively promoting the event through their many channels to reach the community. Supporter's logo is presented in as a Supporter. Join.
For sending the cash donations please see the instructions at the bottom of this page.


Gold Sponsors





Cash Donations

Cash donations are Tax-deductible and shall be sent in the form of checks made out to:

"The Regents of the University of California"

to the following individual / address:  

Professor Jack Citrin,
DirectorInstitute of Governmental Studies
102 Moses Hall University of California,Berkeley, CA 94720-2370  

Donors should also include the following note with their checks:

"Dear IGS Officer, The enclosed check in the amount of $------- is to support a current use gift fund which shall be used to support the September 2014 "Bridge 2014--High Tech Entrepreneurship in Iran: Opportunities and Challenges" conference and additional activities , including subsequent conferences, research and publications under the supervision of the Berkeley Program on Entrepreneurship and Development in the Middle East."

After mailing the check, please also send an email to inform us  about your donation to follow up the process and add a reference to your donation as a Charter member or Gold Sponsor in Bridge 2014 website.                       

The UC Regents Tax ID number is 94-6002123.
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