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About Us

iBRIDGES initiative has been made possible by the volunteer work and donations from many members, organizations, and companies around the world. We applaud such a rapid formation of a community effort across many countries and thank each and every person who played a role in making this conference a reality. For donation please see here

Founding Members

Kamran Elahian,
Chairman and Co-founder,
Global Catalyst Partners
Dr. Yahya Tabesh, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Sharif University of Technology
Dr. Dariush Zahedi, Director, UCB Program on Entrepreneurship Develeopment in Middle East
Dr. Amir Zarkesh,
Co-founder and Executive VP,
Zohre Elahian,
Managing Director,
Global Catalyst Foundation
Dr. Payman Arabshahi,
Associate Professor of EE, University of Washington

iBRIDGE Berkeley Charter Members

Behrooz Abdi,
Saeed Amidi, 
CEO, Partner, Plug and Play Tech Center, Venture
Nima Asgharbeygi,
Tech Lead Manager,
Behnam Badiee,
Bita Daryabari, Founder and Executive Director,
Pars Equality Center
Kamran Elahian,
Chairman and Co-founder,
Global Catalyst Partners
Noosheen Hashemi, and 
Farzad (Zod) Nazem,
Shahin Hedayat, 
Farhad Mohit,

Shanna Nasiri,
Nasiri Foundation
Babak Pahlavan,
Global Head of Products, 
Director at Google Analytics
Pirooz Parvarandeh,
Alex Roudi,
CEO and Chairman,
Interwest Capital
Dr. Massih Tayebi,
Bridgewest Business Group
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Bobby Yazdani,

iBRIDGE Berkeley Organizing Committee

  • Jafar Adibi, CTO at Reunify
  • Payman Arabshahi, Associate Professor at University of Washington
  • Bahram Bahrami, Board Member at Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneur Program at UC Berkeley
  • Taraneh Derak, Executive Consultant and Investor
  • Kamran Elahian, Co-Founder & Chairman at Global Catalyst Partners
  • Zohre Elahian, Managing Director at Global Catalyst Foundation
  • Bahman Farzan, Technology Executive, Design & Management Consultant, Analog/Mixed Signal
  • Sara Hojjat, Product Marketing at Cisco Systems
  • Homa Khamsi, Chief Administrative Officer at UC Berkeley
  • Mohsen Malayeri, EVP at Iran Entrepreneurship Association (IEA)
  • Mehran Sedigh, VVP Worldwide Manufacturing - Wafer Fab and Foundry at Cypress
  • Beheshteh Mostaghni, VP of Fundraising at Local school
  • Amir Naghavi, VP of Marketing at PhaseLink
  • Julia Rasooly, President and CEO at PuraCath Medical Inc.
  • Lily Sarafan, President and COO at Home Care Assistance
  • Shobeir Shobeiri, Business Development at Pebble Tech
  • Yahya Tabesh, Faculty at Sharif University of Technology
  • Dariush Zahedi, Director at Berkeley Program on Entrepreneurship and Development in the Middle East
  • Amir Zarkesh, EVP Engineering and Co-founder at iCelero

iBRIDGES Volunteers

iBRIDGE Berkeley Volunteers were critical for the successful execution of such a large-scale event with 700+ guests in attendance and 1000+ through live streaming. We thank the effort of all our volunteers. If you like to help follow up Bridge activities we invite you to join volunteers.
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iBRIDGES Members

iBRIDGE Berkeley on LinkedIn is an active group with many ongoing discussions about the Opportunities and Challenges of High Tech Entrepreneurship in Iran and upcoming Bridge activities. In just 3 months, more than 700 members have joined, and we hope for you to help expand its reach by joining as well.
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